Wishlist for UXpin Improvements

UXPin is a wireframing tool that is run in a browser (cloud based). I use this tool daily for my UX work. I spend a great deal of time in this browser app and for the most part it is very useful in mocking up wireframes and applying interactions which help the team see working prototypes.

Most of the time I forget that UXPin is being run in the browser. It really feels like a desktop app and when you realize that you are creating these massive wireframing projects in a browser it is quite mind blowing. UXPin is hands-down the most powerful app I have ever run in a browser.

That doesn’t mean UXPin is perfect. In fact the product is quite young compared to other wireframing tools. So being a young product is has some quirks. The following are improvements I would like to see made.

  1. When editing a hidden group make the group visible for edits.
  2. When editing a group you should be able to add and remove elements from the group without ungrouping the elements. When interactions are linked to a group, ungrouping also removes all interactions. Bug bummer.
  3. Remove the stray underline from a table cell after deleting underlined text.
  4. Tables need work
    1. If I could just delete a column and rows that would make me very happy.
    2. If I could Re-order columns and rows I would fly to Poland and give you all hugs.
    3. Copy/paste into multiple cells.
  5. Fix text selection when text is inside a box or a table. My arrow keys do not advance the curser when text is in a box or a table.
  6. Currently iterations are more like a history. I want an easier way to see an iteration than restoring it over my current.
  7. My Smart Objects have long names. I would love to see a list view instead of thumbnails. Minor differences between smart objects make it hard to pick what I am wanting to place on the canvas.
  8. When creating a new box element. Default the colors (border, background and text) to the last used.
  9. When drag selecting I want to be able to select elements above and below the fold. Currently, to accomplish this, I change the view size of the browser so the entire area I want to drag select is visible.
  10. I would like to drag and select on top of locked elements. For example: If I place a box to the back of the canvas and use it as a background. I should be able to drag and select elements on top of the locked box.
  11. Groups inside of groups with interactions. This could complicate a wireframe build but being able to have a simple interaction inside a group would save me from having to create a new page.

This list is not meant to place any bad light on UXPin. Their tool really is a wonderful product, and I can’t wait to see what the team does with it. If anyone out there has been looking at a cloud based wireframing tool, I would highly recommend UXPin.



Hi Website. It’s Jeff. Remember Me?

Dear Website,

I just wanted to say—I’m sorry. You’ve been neglected.  I really did have the best intentions for you. I wish we got to know each other better over the years. I have been out living my life, even cheating on you with those social media sites. It is really unforgivable. There is nothing I can say that can mend this partnership.

I suck. I wish we were closer.

My actions will need to prove myself to you. Nobody but myself, can allow you to blossom into a wonderful website. I promise to utilize your potential more.

Ashamed. I’ll do better,

Jeff H.

Actionable Frustration or Why I Created Character-Code.com


You know that moment when frustration gets to a point where you have to take action, I call this actionable frustration. My frustration was annoying but not frequent and it took years to finally do something about it.

Occasionally, I would need an HTML entity code to place in a project. You know an ‘a’ with a tilde or an ‘n’ with a squiggly line on top. I could never remember these codes. So, what do you do when you don’t remember, you google “Ascii Table” or “Character Code” or “Hexadecimal Unicode Character”. You click on one of the top results only to be taken to a website that is just crap. You struggle to find the character you need while cursing the flies that started swarming the steaming pile.

I say to myself: Why isn’t there a better resource for this literally every time I had searched for ascii table. I clearly am not the only designer out there who goes to these sites. Surely others have the same flies they are swatting away. Well, it turns out my frustration turned to action so I designed a better version.

It’s called Character Code and I organized it in a way that made it easier for me to find the character entity I need fast. First, I alphabetized* the Ascii table, there is no need for the capitals to be separated from the lowercase. I also made the character a large font size so I can actually see and identify the end result for which I seek. I also included the HTML entity name, HTML decimal value and hexadecimal unicode value in a way you can copy it easily.

There is something to be said for frustration, when acted upon in a non-destructive way you can end up with something to be proud of. So next time you find an actionable frustration do something about.

I hope you find Character Code to not be as frustrating as I found the other ascii table sites.

*Not all pages are alphabetized.