Actionable Frustration or Why I Created


You know that moment when frustration gets to a point where you have to take action, I call this actionable frustration. My frustration was annoying but not frequent and it took years to finally do something about it.

Occasionally, I would need an HTML entity code to place in a project. You know an ‘a’ with a tilde or an ‘n’ with a squiggly line on top. I could never remember these codes. So, what do you do when you don’t remember, you google “Ascii Table” or “Character Code” or “Hexadecimal Unicode Character”. You click on one of the top results only to be taken to a website that is just crap. You struggle to find the character you need while cursing the flies that started swarming the steaming pile.

I say to myself: Why isn’t there a better resource for this literally every time I had searched for ascii table. I clearly am not the only designer out there who goes to these sites. Surely others have the same flies they are swatting away. Well, it turns out my frustration turned to action so I designed a better version.

It’s called Character Code and I organized it in a way that made it easier for me to find the character entity I need fast. First, I alphabetized* the Ascii table, there is no need for the capitals to be separated from the lowercase. I also made the character a large font size so I can actually see and identify the end result for which I seek. I also included the HTML entity name, HTML decimal value and hexadecimal unicode value in a way you can copy it easily.

There is something to be said for frustration, when acted upon in a non-destructive way you can end up with something to be proud of. So next time you find an actionable frustration do something about.

I hope you find Character Code to not be as frustrating as I found the other ascii table sites.

*Not all pages are alphabetized.