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Evening Edition | The perfect commute-sized way to catch up on the day’s news.

This is a brilliant idea. What makes this smart is that it’s a recap of the day. In the days of newspaper, we received this information in the morning after the newspaper got printed and delivered to your doorstep. That was the old days, those are long gone. I can’t believe that this concept hasn’t been beat to death and I look forward to it’s evolution.

Mike Monteiro politics will probably influence the direction. He is a pretty outspoken individual on the Twitter and regularly eggs Rupert Murdoch. This could be a good and bad thing.


Tina Roth Eisenberg writes about what she has learned from her 1yo business

1. Never hesitate to challenge a status quo

Temporary tattoos have been around forever. I didn’t invent anything new, but, I was able to put a new spin on it by having professional artists create the designs and making sure that they are produced in the US with the highest quality standards. I admit, I never expected the success we’re having, but now, looking back, it actually makes total sense.Never hesitate to challenge a status quo of a product or service that already exists. Put your own spin on it, stamp it with your personality and you might redefine an entire industry.

You should read the entire article, especially if you are thinking about opening a ecommerce store. There are seven tips, this is one. What can I put a spin on.

via swissmiss | Tattly = 1 | Things I’ve Learned.

Old Browsers Are Holding Back The Web | Smashing Magazine

But there is a huge road block preventing our “future” from truly becoming the now. What is this roadblock? It’s old browsers. Let’s delve into this topic a little bit so we can see why this is a problem and what we can do to help it.

This is quite a statement. I am sure all problems cannot be addressed by just using a modern browser. I am in the camp that if you can update or change browsers to the most current you surely should do so. If you should also design for your users a rule I go by is the 2-5 percent range depending on the industry.

For ecommerce sites you want to your users to checkout and loosing 2 percent of those users can be quite a large number for a high traffic site.

That’s why tomorrow Smashing Magazine will be publishing a special post that will be targeted towards users who are not designers or developers, and who are not very tech savvy. We encourage everyone to share that article with as many people as possible so we can do everything we can to get the usage stats for old browsers as low as possible.

It will be interesting to see what Smashing posts tomorrow.

via Old Browsers Are Holding Back The Web | Smashing Magazine.

The bike was small

The bike was small with 16″ wheels. The knees would touch the handle bars after each rotation. The Huffy was heavy and littered with stupid streamers and other crap flare the manufactures paste on so it looks like a toy. It was time for Sam to get another bike. A bike she could ride that would keep up with us without the chain falling off.

It took about a month of searching craigslist, swap-meets and an auction to find the perfect bike for Samantha. I was pretty determined to find a used one. Ends up I didn’t find a used bike like I original planned, I ended up buying a new one at a retail store.

All the used bikes we looked at were either ugly, falling apart or not girlie enough for the 7yo. Whatever we would find would need to pass whatever criteria was in her head or she wouldn’t want to use it for very long.

She got a 20″ 7 speed Diamondback.


Southern California Vacation 2012

What a trip!!!

It has been a long ten years since I last visited San Diego. A county I frequented many times, as I grew up a short 120 miles east in Holtville. This was Kendra and Sam’s first visit and I think they enjoyed it as much as I did.

We visited Balboa Park during an annular solar eclipse, The San Diego Zoo, rested pool side at the Welk Resort, saw some old friends and family and did the Disneyland thing in Orange County on our way back to Central California.

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