Getting Older Sucks

The last ten days I have been experiencing a localized soreness in my left calf, kinda like bruising, but without the bruise. Family and friends tell me I may have a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and I will die if I don’t get it checked out. Family and friends seem to...

Rocket and Earth

#DSCOVR and its Falcon 9 rocket are speeding away from Earth after departing Cape Canaveral. SpaceX shared this view. — Spaceflight Now (@SpaceflightNow) February 12, 2015 Spaceflight Now on Twitter: “#DSCOVR and its Falcon 9 rocket...


I like my sponges to be clean.
Mood Altering Music

Mood Altering Music

Music can really change the mood of a household. When the stresses of the day crescendo into yelling and tears it is best to turn on some music. I know in my house just turning on a couple songs can turn sour moods into dancing ones. I use this playlist I created...

Dolphin Tale 2

I watched Dolphin Tale 2 last night with the family. I am so glad I got to spend the beginning of 2015 with such a cinematic explosion of crap. At least I was with my family. Love you all.

Design Explosions: Mapping on iOS — Medium

This article is a must read for all people who work in UX/UI. I would like to see a followup with a comparison to another map app that isn’t constrained to the 1st Party App Design. [su_panel]Millions of people have done 3rd party application design. If you...

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Enough with these damn popup feedback modals

Have you seen this before? I am so tired of seeing these Foresee Feedback modals popup when I visit a site. Does any one actually participate? Isn’t there better ways to acquire the information that is being asked for? I feel it’s lazy usability gathering...