Getting Older Sucks

The last ten days I have been experiencing a localized soreness in my left calf, kinda like bruising, but without the bruise. Family and friends tell me I may have a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and I will die if I don’t get it checked out. Family and friends seem to exaggerate, but dying is something I do not necessarily want to do, so I agreed to get it checked out.

On Thursday I went to our local urgent care center to get my left calf looked at. I checked in complaining of soreness in the leg, never once did I mention that I thought it maybe DVT. After looking at my calves for about 2 minutes the urgent care physician suggested I go to the emergency room immediately so I can be diagnosed for DVT.

On Friday evening I go to the Emergency Room to get an ultrasound. Three hours later the ultrasound comes back negative and I was discharged from the Hospital. The Hospital would not diagnose what is causing the soreness, because it was not an emergency.

I can’t wait for the bill to arrive. Better safe than sorry.

Mood Altering Music

Music can really change the mood of a household. When the stresses of the day crescendo into yelling and tears it is best to turn on some music. I know in my house just turning on a couple songs can turn sour moods into dancing ones.

I use this playlist I created called “Happy


Design Explosions: Mapping on iOS — Medium

This article is a must read for all people who work in UX/UI. I would like to see a followup with a comparison to another map app that isn’t constrained to the 1st Party App Design.

[su_panel]Millions of people have done 3rd party application design. If you expand the pool to people who have sketched out app ideas, the number is probably closer to tens of millions. But how many people have designed 1st party apps? Ones that come on the device rather than being a download? I’d wager the number is less than a thousand.[/su_panel]

If a custom control will make your app 15% better, that’s probably not good enough. You should be holding out for ~50%.

via Design Explosions: Mapping on iOS — Medium.

Enough with these damn popup feedback modals

Have you seen this before?


I am so tired of seeing these Foresee Feedback modals popup when I visit a site. Does any one actually participate? Isn’t there better ways to acquire the information that is being asked for? I feel it’s lazy usability gathering at the expense of well…usability.  Why are sooooo many companies using this service?

Please stop.

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