A Christmas Break

The nice K2 rollerblades were a gift from Santa to Samantha (9yo) and they were not on her list. She was excited and tried them on immediately after tearing the paper off the box. She skated around the house on the carpet and continued to open presents while wearing them. Santa did good or so I thought.

After bugging me a few times to take her outside I assisted her to the front yard after I had my fill of coffee. The time was just shy of 9:30 AM. She did great on the skates and was having fun practicing to fall on the grass. Just like I taught her when she started skateboarding. That first session went better than I expected and the neighbors got to see her zooming around their driveways. Sam is always the happiest when others can see her having fun.

We went back inside to finish Christmas morning. Thirty minutes later we were back outside. I felt comfortable letting her venture farther without assistance. Then it happened. Sam was going down the neighbors driveway and into the street, she turned just a little too sharp, lost her balance and was starting to fall backward. As gravity started to take hold, she placed her right hand back to catch her fall. Snap! I knew right away this wasn’t going to be good.

Sam moved her arm. I immediately saw it was broken. Before she saw he wrist dangling from her arm I was already halfway to her. She looked at her hand and a look of terror was on her face which was already in mid-scream.

We got her in the car and to the emergency room as fast as we could. No one has eaten breakfast, Sam’s PJ’s were soaking wet with the water we gave, which of course spilt all over her. Toby only 14 months old was just excited to be going bye-bye.

The ER patched her up the best they could by reseting the arm and putting it in a splint. We would have to wait till Friday the 27th before we could get an orthopedic to reset the bone and put a cast on.

This was Samantha’s first visit to a hospital as a patient. I could tell she was scared and worried about the visit but behind those real feelings I could also see her a little excited and curious about the place. All in all, Samantha was a trooper and she couldn’t have handled herself any better than she did giving the circumstances.

Poor little girl. Next time I see Santa I’ll be sure to give him a piece of my mind.


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