Getting Older Sucks

The last ten days I have been experiencing a localized soreness in my left calf, kinda like bruising, but without the bruise. Family and friends tell me I may have a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and I will die if I don’t get it checked out. Family and friends seem to exaggerate, but dying is something I do not necessarily want to do, so I agreed to get it checked out.

On Thursday I went to our local urgent care center to get my left calf looked at. I checked in complaining of soreness in the leg, never once did I mention that I thought it maybe DVT. After looking at my calves for about 2 minutes the urgent care physician suggested I go to the emergency room immediately so I can be diagnosed for DVT.

On Friday evening I go to the Emergency Room to get an ultrasound. Three hours later the ultrasound comes back negative and I was discharged from the Hospital. The Hospital would not diagnose what is causing the soreness, because it was not an emergency.

I can’t wait for the bill to arrive. Better safe than sorry.

Hi Website. It’s Jeff. Remember Me?

Dear Website,

I just wanted to say—I’m sorry. You’ve been neglected.  I really did have the best intentions for you. I wish we got to know each other better over the years. I have been out living my life, even cheating on you with those social media sites. It is really unforgivable. There is nothing I can say that can mend this partnership.

I suck. I wish we were closer.

My actions will need to prove myself to you. Nobody but myself, can allow you to blossom into a wonderful website. I promise to utilize your potential more.

Ashamed. I’ll do better,

Jeff H.